Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Cierto horror en What is the What de Dave Eggers:

--Don't fear me, she said. --I am just a woman! I am a mother trying to help you boys. Come to me, children! I am your mother! Come to me!
The unknown boys ran toward her. Achor Achor stayed with me. When they were twenty feet from her, the woman turned, lifted a gun from the grass, and with her eyes full of white, she shot the taller boy through the heart. I could see the bullet leaving his back. His body kneeled and then fell on its side, his head landing before his shoulder.
Before anyone could run, the woman shot again, this time hitting the arm of the other strong boy. The impact spun him around, and he fell. When he raised himself to run, a last bullet, which entered through his clavicle and exited through his sternum, sent the boy swiftly to heaven.
It was Achor Achor, running past me. I had not moved. I was still mesmerized by the woman, who was aiming her gun at me.
--Run! he said again, this time grabbing my shirt from behind. We ran from her, diving into the grass and then crawling and hurtling away from the woman, who was still shouting at us. --Come back! she said. --I am your mother, come back, my children!

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