Monday, June 01, 2009

Un texto sobre cómo hay zombies en los medios

Uno de mis investigadores de tiempo completo, David Miklos, me mandó información pertinente sobre la proliferación de zombies en el ideario colectivo. Anne Billson, para The Guardian, escribe:

They've already invaded the language; we talk about zombie banks, zombie computers. [...] This fascination with zombies may seem perplexing to the uninitiated. If vampires are the aristocrats in the world of the walking dead, zombies are the lumpen proletariat. Both vampires and zombies have an infectious bite, but there the resemblance ends. [Curioso que no añada que ambos son muertos vivientes; oficinistas sin oficina, en fin].

También: They stand for any section of society that can be easily depersonalised for social or political reasons. They represent the great unwashed, that fearsome underclass of knife-wielding hoodies certain newspapers are always warning us about. Or they're metaphors for poverty, influxes of immigrants or refugees who (we're told) will steal our housing and jobs. They could be gangs of feral children, football hooligans or those anonymous carriers of swine flu, at first kept at a safe distance but spreading infection ever closer to home to threaten us and our communities. [...] They are no longer just reminders of our mortality. They are us.

El texto completo, acá. Probablemente ustedes ya leyeron este otro.


David Miklos said...

Es por todo lo que no te pagué cuando me ayudabas con Cuaderno Salmón. Y verás, haré un best-seller de ti.

Gabriela/undies said...

Disculpe, ¿podría dejar de decir "zombies"? Gracias.