Monday, August 10, 2009

Refu, mi perra, y yo, en el fin del mundo

De Caves, de Robert Creeley:

what's going to happen next, did she, he or it
really love me? Maybe that's what dogs are for,
but there's no material surviving
pointing to dogs as anyone's best friend, alas.
Still here we are no matter, still hacking away,
slaughtering what we can find to, leaving
far bigger footprints than any old mastodon.

En seguida:

You think it's funny? To have prospect
of being last creature on earth or at best a
company of rats and cockroaches?
You must have a good sense of humor!
Anyhow, have you noticed how everything's
retro these days? Like, something's been here before-
or at least that's the story. I think one picture is worth
a thousand words and I know one cave fits all sizes.

También, no olvidar, en sus notas sobre la popularidad de "la narrativa zombie" (como uno de los tropos de la historia apocalíptica), el autor del blog The Last Man On Earth, anota:

"While the vampire (especially the gothic mode) is a study in the repulsion/attraction dynamic the modern world feels toward hereditary aristocracy, the zombie narrative allows anyone to imagine themselves to be free in a depopulated world filled with riches. It is a anti-authoritarian fantasyscape. All the (primarily masculine) skills the modern world has little use for become paramount in the post-zombie apocalypse: self-reliance, individuality, gun-play, mechanical inventiveness, bravery. Just as the image of the space-age / interplanetary pioneer was crucial to Heinlein's vision of expansion libertarianism, the later-day zombie narrative can attract those bored with the inaction and routine of daily life in the modern first world".

Me gustan mucho las fantasías post-apocalípticas que Jimmy Corrigan padece en Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth. También: en la Acme Novelty Library II (también de ese geniecillo, Chris Ware) tanto Chalky White como Rusty Brown son representados en un paraje post-apocalíptico. En fin, curioso sentido del humor.


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