Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Leo en el cuento Serenade de Kevin Moffett:

Women jogging in place at intersections until the light changes, maintaining their heart rate, trying so hard, aspiring, succeeding. How clearly they are succeeding. Tiny headphones plug their ears. What is the secret? When the light changes so do they. There is no secret.

Más adelante:

I worry that women with dogs do not need me. I worry that women with children do not need me. Smiling women, women with talent, women with any talent whatsoever. I worry that women have a No Vacancy light they can switch on and off whenever they want. Lately all women I meet sound like my ex-wife. This may not be uncommon, except: I don't have an ex-wife.


María Fernández-Aragón said...

ffffound! Ahora tú anotas citas que tienen que ver con lo que yo escribo y yo me obsesiono con el tema de zombies-sonámbulos. Uórale, qué bien, ¿no? (...) Equis.

Guillermo Núñez said...

Mantengamos la calma.

Mariana said...

qué graaande. móchate con el cuento, ¿no?... llermis.