Sunday, September 26, 2010

Entrada 1,420

Leo a Donald Barthelme. De su cuento "The Abduction from the Seraglio":

"She's got values. What' I'm trying to suggest is, she's in a delicate relation to the real.
I can't understand this. She is so great. When we go partying she always takes care to dance with Bill Cray's four-year-old girl, who's a fool for dancing. She made me read War and Peace, which struck me at first glance as terrible thick. She renews my subscription to the Texas Observer every year. She contributes regularly to the United Way and got gassed in great cities a time or two while expressing her opinion of the recent war. She's kind to rat-poison salesmen. She's afraid of the dark. She took care of me that time I had my little psychotic episode. She is so great. Once I saw her slug a guy in a supermarket who was whacking his kid, his legal right, with undue enthusiasm. The really dreadful thought, to me, is that her real might the real one.
We used to walk down the street together bumping our hipbones together in joy, before God and everybody. I wanted to float in the air again some feeling of that. It didn't work. I'm sorry. But I guess, as the architects say, there's no use crying over split marble. She will undoubtedly move on and up and down and around in the world, New York, Chicago, and Temple, Texas, making everything considerably better than it was, for short periods of time. We adventured. That's not bad".

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