Thursday, September 25, 2008


En Awake de Tobias Wolff leo:

"They were just having fun, that was how he’d seen it, the two of them having some fun before going their separate ways, as people did, people their age with their whole lives still ahead of them. You didn’t want to get tied down now, when you didn’t know who you might still meet and what might open up, what chances and adventures".

En el recuerdo de Marco Cassini sobre David Foster Wallace, leo:

"At one point, he confessed with obvious embarrasment that he and his girlfriend had recently gotten cable TV, wich he had for a long time resisted getting, and he told me how every time he found something good to watch, he immediately feared that there might be something better to watch on the next channel, and therefore he would never stop zapping, and never really watch anything at all, which usually resulted in an argument with his girlfriend".

Kierkeegard tiene un nombre para esto.

Pero, ay, no una una solución.

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Luis Panini said...

Gracias por los dos segmentos, muy, muy buenos. Por cierto, me imagino que ya te enteraste de la nueva antología de cuentos de Wolff. Esperemos que sea tan buena como el resto de su obra.
Van saludos.