Thursday, January 22, 2009


Fragmento de una entrevista con Richard Kern. El resto, acá. ¿Está mal que esto sea lo único que me guste de Vice?

There are probably plenty of normal girls whose lives could be ruined by being in porno photos.

Oh yeah, for sure. But those girls’ lives are probably going to get ruined anyway, whether they do this stuff or not.

The porno business is dark.

And it’s gotten darker. I get these model one-sheets everyday, from all the porn agents, and it’s like, “She does double penetration, swallows, facial, cream pie, snowball, interracial, double anal, double vag.” But it’ll say something like, “No tickling.” Some weird personal thing. And then it’ll say, “Age: 18.”

And they used to just say if they did anal or not.

Yeah, and that would be something you’d get to once you’d been shooting forever and exhausted every possible means. Then you could always go back and do that. Now it’s just like they start that way. I shot one girl who was 18 and she said, “I did my first interracial anal gangbang yesterday.”

Jesus, how old was her asshole?

That’s what I wanted to say: “Can I see how pink your butt is?” She was like, “That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I knew since I was twelve that I wanted to be in porno.” And it’s like, how do people even know that? But I guess, I don’t know, you look at some kids’ MySpace pages now and it’s pretty obvious.


Adriana Degetau said...

El Martin Amis va a tener que reagendarse una ida a California para rehacer su artículo.

María Fernández-Aragón said...

¿Está mal que no me guste Vice?