Thursday, January 08, 2009


En una conversación de hace tiempo en el Times, Ethal Coen le pregunta a Cormac McCarthy y McCarthy le contesta:

E.C. Do you ever get, in terms of novel writing, stuff that's too outrageous? One wouldn't guess that you reject stuff as being too outrageous.

C.M. I don't know, you're somewhat constrained in writing a novel, I think. Like, I'm not a fan of some of the Latin American writers, magical realism. You know, it's hard enough to get people to believe what you're telling them without making it impossible. It has to be vaguely plausible.


David Miklos said...

Y tú dale y duro con tus zombies... Ay, Memo©.

Guillermo Núñez said...

Em, The Road.

David Miklos said...

¿Zombies en The Road? Ay, Memo© y Ay, Memo©.

Guillermo Núñez said...

Sí, muertos vivientes.