Friday, June 05, 2009



Reports that no one reads anymore, especially young people, are greatly overstated and almost always factually lacking ... Sales of young adult books are actually up. Total volume of all book sales is actually up. Kids get the same things out of books that they have before. Reading in elementary schools and middle schools is no different than at any other time


If you can stay small, stay independent, readers will be loyal, and you'll be able to get by publishing work of merit. Publishing has, for most of its life, been a place of small but somewhat profit margins, and the people involved in publishing were happy to be doing what they loved. It's only recently, when large conglomerates bought so many publishing companies and newspapers, that demands for certain margins squeezed some of the joy out of the business.

Y esto otro:

This is a time to roar back and assert and celebrate the beauty of the printed page.

Dave Eggers, echando ánimos, acá.


Douglas said...

Lo único que me da ánimos es un buen polvo. Infalible. Saludos.

Falma Telemna said...

Esa última frase es linda, que ni que, la hoja impresa es bella por su aroma, su textura, su diseño, su calidez, y en mi caso, hasta por la sabiduría que otros han dejado en sus márgenes.