Friday, April 30, 2010

La ambigüedad del zombie como tropo (de nuevo)

Cito del texto que me pasaron en el correo que menciono abajo, a propósito de libros como el de Max Brooks o los pastiches que se hicieron a novelas como Pride and Prejudice:

"It is one thing to track the decorous decay of religious authority in the rise of the realist novel, as James Wood deftly did fifteen years ago in The Broken Estate, quite another to track the decline of the human being into a violently delusional animal. The former concerned the difficulty of leaving the lap of God to roam what Wood calls the novel’s “special realm of freedom.” It was about the inflation of human authority in the breakdown of religion and the taste for representational verisimilitude that comes in its train. The latter is more intimately troubling, a crisis in the mind, and is associated with a derangement of good taste. The zombie renaissance registers the rapid corrosion even of our secular myths about the self, not least the myth of its rational autonomy. It leads not to realism but to the weirdness of allegory".

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