Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Fragmento de una novela (que no es mía y que es buena)

De Lessons in virtual tour photography de Chris Bachelder, la mejor novela electrónica que he leído jamás. Gracias, gracias, gracias a la buena gente de McSweeneys:
Lesson 8
Warning About The Sex Act

There will be a moment during the sex act when The Estranged Girlfriend goes away or disappears. She will close her eyes tightly and purse her lips. Just as she is squeezing and kneading you, just as she is pushing you more deeply inside of her, she will simultaneously seem to disappear altogether and travel far far away from you, far away to a mysterious place where you are not invited. It will seem to you that you are suddenly and desperately alone, suddenly not important in this transaction at all. It may even seem to you that your presence there, with her, in her, is unseemly, that you are somehow trespassing or spying, witnessing something private. It will seem as though you have very little to do with the serious pleasure that she seems to be experiencing at the undisclosed location. Although this is a moment, always, of considerable weight and sadness, it is completely normal and you should proceed, as enthusiastically as possible, with the sex act.
Important Safeguard: While it is totally understandable that you would be moved to honesty and sincerity and disclosure, it is absolutely crucial that you not, in a moment of vulnerable post-coital gravity, tell The Estranged Girlfriend about your sad sense of her absence at the key moment in the union. This could result in The Estranged Girlfriend snorting, throwing her lovely legs off the side of the bed, and saying, while walking tight-legged toward the bathroom, where she will get rid of everything you just gave her, “Well. Now you know how it feels.”


Hernán said...

Creo que además de poner este fragmente deberías poner un link a la página de Mcsweeneys; uno para poder seguir leyendo, y dos que creo que es un buen proyecto que un día a la semana subamos algo así para hacer el circulo de lectura más grande. Ya sea de Mc Sweeneys o no, en fin como sea.

Anonymous said...

no cabe duda que sexo y amor son dos cosas distintas, es muy facil cuando ambos lo tienen claro, pero cuando no...