Thursday, May 26, 2005

Las lentejas que resaltan mi belleza

I really enjoy María Daniela and her Lasser Sound. It's not something I should be embarrased about. Everybody should pay more attention to her and to the rest of the Nuevos Ricos label artists.
Why did Beckett decided to write in french? What makes a good writer stay away from his natal home, from the secure places he knows? Artists, I heard on the radio today, have no nation. Nations are made to provide identity, they said. Artists, it appears, are rare species of parasites. Nomad and not too dangerous parasites.
I'm writing in a slower pace today. Find it hard to keep up with my thoughts. Hate it.


Anonymous said...

oye lenteja ¿y te sientes parásito sin rumbo y sin identidad?
yo por mi parte, me voy a almemania.

Anonymous said...

Amigo, ¿por qué escribes en inglés? me desquicias